News and Events of the Bering Strait School District
Sunday February 18th 2018



8th Annual Kingikmiut Dance Festival

The dance festival this year was intriguing. The drums were loud and the drummers sang until they lost their voices. Groups from Little Diomede, Teller, King Island, Point Hope, Brevig Mission, Anchorage and Wales attended.All the drummers and dancers were nervous. You could tell because some were fidgeting, some were sweating, and some drummers were not as loud as the others, but they did well. Sometimes the dancers would smile when they made a mistake.

The most popular dance was the Polar Bear Dance. All seven dance groups knew the song and dance. Stories are told by the movements and gestures that the dancer does. For the Polar Bear Dance, movements tell how big it is, how great it is and how it walks.

One dance I will always remember is the story of the Ladies Dance. It tells the story of a beautiful young woman who has a beautiful kuspuk, and she is out walking. She sees a man and tells him to come over, but right when he gets close she sees he is too ugly and she tells him to go away.

Of all the dance groups, I like Diomede the best. The reason is because they had a lot of elders involved. From the elders we can learn more and the right way to dance. Another reason is that I have relatives from Diomede and it was good to see them again.

Seeing other groups dance is so exciting not to mention educational. I hope to be here for more festivals and see more different villages participate.

Written by: Marissa Oxereok, senior at Wales, Ak