News and Events of the Bering Strait School District
Sunday February 18th 2018



BSSD Site Secretaries Training

The BSSD site secretaries recently participated in a two-day training in Unalakleet. The school secretaries have a key role in public relations, making sure that the school runs smoothly and that records are kept current and accurate. The training focused on those areas.

The secretaries received training on public relations, teamwork and confidentiality where they participated in role-plays, solving problems related to these areas and sharing experiences they had at their sites. A large part of the training focused on the BSSD DART student record system where they reviewed how to do attendance, enrollment, withdrawals, transcripts, etc.

The secretaries identified the many responsibilities they have in their job. The goal is to eventually have processes written for each of their responsibilities to guide those who are new to the job and those who do not know how to do that aspect of the job. It is an especially good reference to the aspects of the job that are done on rare occasions. The group divided the different aspects of the job into things they do on a regular basis and those things they do on an irregular basis. They identified the jobs they do very well and feel comfortable training others, as well as areas where they felt they needed help. This will guide future training.

The training goal was for the school secretary to develop the skills necessary to be a positive, helpful representative of the school, to have complete, current and accurate student records and to develop a network where the secretaries know and contact each other for help when needed. When they left the meeting they reported that they felt it was beneficial and they had the skills needed to better serve the BSSD students, parents and community.