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Thursday February 22nd 2018



Can you drink water while standing on your head?

By Ms Standafer, Wales

Students in my class are studying the body systems in science. After reading from the book, tracing their body on a large piece of paper, and drawing the digestion system organs on other paper with name and purpose on the back, I asked the students if they could stand on their heads and drink water. Half of the class said yes and half said no. So, I asked who wanted to prove their answers. Below Carrie Komonaseak assists Marissa Oxereok and Vanessa Tingook by holding a cup of water for them to drink. They found out you can drink while on your head even though Marissa didn’t take a full swallow the first time and the water came back out her nose. We went back to the room and book to find out why drinking while standing on your head is possible. Alas, we learned about peristalsis. Marissa said that she will never forget that word since she proved she could do it.

Karmen Tittle draws Katherine Kitchen’s body shape. Vanessa Tingook works on her digestive system drawing.


Marissa and Carrie Vanessa and Carrie