News and Events of the Bering Strait School District
Sunday February 18th 2018



Elim Fall Community Meeting


On Thursday November 15, 2007 the community of Elim attended a community meeting. The meeting was held in the Elim Aniguiin School gymnasium. The people that attended the meeting were family, students, teachers, and staff. The meeting was held to explain how the DART system works for the parents and students. First of all principal Steve Sammons talked about the school improvement plan. Then Dianna Gharst played a power point demonstration of the DART system with a smart board and a student voice recording.
After Mr. Sammons talked people gathered up in groups. The groups were about attendance, curriculum, community connection, and activities. In these groups we brain stormed many ideas. The ideas were for helping the school and community members work together to help students succeed. Some of the examples we came up with in the groups were activities and one of the ideas was elder teachers. Elder teachers would come up to the school and teach the students what the teachers cannot teach. They would teach things like language, arts and craft, stories and anything else they want to teach.
After the groups work together they had door prizes such as gasoline and a couple of computers. After they got done drawing the door prizes they had dinner for everyone that attended. The people ate spaghetti, garlic bread and salad, The Community meeting was good because it may help the students and parents learn how to work better with DART. The purpose of this meeting was to help the students succeed and reach their goals to graduate. By working together as a community, we will help the students of Elim Aniguiin School to meet these goals.

Tanya Ivanoff