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Sunday February 18th 2018



After School Map Games in Wales

By Vicki LashPrimary students at Wales Kingikmiut School don’t wait by the clock to see when school will be out for the day, as do other students. Nancy Dean’s 1s through 2rd graders delight in her after-school activities she holds Monday-Thursday.Squeals of excitement are heard echoing down the hall. If you entered the classroom to check it out, you would see a child with an oversized magnifying glass. The magnifying glass would cautiously be hidden, then the spot marked on a map of the classroom. The Hunters wait eagerly outside the classroom door for the “Ready” signal so they can come in and compete with each other by reading the map and going to the area to find the glass. What an interesting way to learn about maps! They are learning to mark and locate areas on a teacher-made map of the classroom which includes s a compass rose.Below Janice Crisci checks to make sure there are no “Peepers” as she prepares to hide the magnifying glass. Afterwards she will draw a small magnifying glass on the map to show where it is hidden and the Hunters will go straight to the map and try to be the first to locate it. The Winner becomes the Hider the next round. Hiding places are very tricky, so you have to be able to read the map.