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Thursday February 22nd 2018



Battle of the Books District Champions






by Darla Grediagin, Battle of the Book Judge, Unalakleet

Congratulations to the students who are our district champions. These teams are our district champions and will battle schools across the state on the following dates:

Feb 18-HS – White Mountain
Feb 19 7/8 – Unalakleet
Feb 20 5/6 – Gambell
Feb 21 3/4 – White Mountain

Primary winning teams – (No state battles)
Second grade – White Mountain
First Grade – St. Michael
Second grade – White Mountain – These students had a perfect score.

In the past years battles I have seen students just do shot in the dark guesses if they did not know the answers. This year I saw an increase in thoughtful answers. Students who got answers wrong, but the books had similar settings or plots to the books that were correct.

Along this line, we also saw more challenges to questions that were approved. Challenged questions happen when a student gets the answer wrong, but they believe that the answer can be found in the book that they stated. They have two minutes to prove their answer correct. We saw a good deal of challenges approved.