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Sunday February 18th 2018



NACTEC Session 11 Metal Fabrication

NACTEC Session 11 Metal Fabrication
By Brian Marvin-NACTEC CTE Instructor

Great careers await those who enjoy making projects from metal.
NACTEC/ UAF-NWC offered a new one (1)-credit course this spring called WMT 140-Metal Fabrication. Class was held in the NACTEC Metal shop at the Nome-Beltz High School. This class begins teaching how to manipulate metal into any desired form. Seven students from the region completed the course. They were:

Donovan Snowball-Stebbins
Jared Henry-Stebbins
Terrin Magby-Teller
George Okbaok-Teller
Harris Topkok-Teller
Shawn Oquilluk-Teller
Jamie Ablowaluk-Teller

The metal fabrication students learned and sharpened skills using the following tools: power drills, drill press, Drill Doctor, taps and dies, metal lathes, pop rivets and a milling machine. Local students were introduced to careers in metal fabrication: millwrights, auto body repair, machine shop owner/operator and metal shop technicians. Students finished the course by making a set of brass darts with the use of the metal lathe, taps and dies.


l to r-Jared Henry and Donovan Snowball making brass darts.


l to r-Jared Henry putting the finishing touches on his brass darts with the use of a miniature metal lathe.


Jamie Oblowaluk drilling a hole in preparation to applying a pop rivet.


l to r-Terrin Magby, Shawn Oquilluk and Harris Topkok gluing fletchings on their darts.