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Sunday October 26th 2014



Kyle interviews Joe about the Welcome Wagon

Kyle Schneider (Shaktoolik) and Joe Brodsky (Savoonga)

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3 Responses to “Kyle interviews Joe about the Welcome Wagon”

  1. Savanah says:

    Sorry I missed the interview as it is no longer available. However, I want to comment on the colorful and inviting classroom I see in the background. Students are sure to walk in and know that something exciting is going to happen here! The stage is set.

  2. Savanah says:

    I tried again and the video downloaded! The Welcome Wagon is sure to give new teachers a headstart on living in the bush. Those little incidental bits of information and help from an experienced teacher can make such a difference. I wish our district had offered that when we were headed to the bush to teach years ago!

  3. great vid! Joe is hillarioius. Can’t wait to get to “U-Town”

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