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Sunday February 18th 2018



Getting An Opportunity

by D. Milligrock

Round trip ticket to Nome. Open gym time. Pizza parties. What do all these things have in common? They are incentives to raise student achievement. So far, we haven’t made AYP in at least 8 school years but based on statistics, universities all over America require some form of art class taken because they think it will help the students do better in the other classes. So why doesn’t the Bering Strait School District try that out? We don’t have anything to lose by attending a music, art, or dance class.

By getting an opportunity to take an art class in school, students will have a chance to show their artistic side. The same goes with the dance and music classes. There are times when teachers have to keep reminding students to pay attention to the lesson because the student is drawing. The art class can relieve the teacher of that and the student will have a class on art every day of the school week. Then there are the students who love to dance but the only dance related sport is cheerleading. Not everyone is willing to sign up though, and the styles are limited. The dance class could provide a place where students could express their own style of dancing- like break-dancing.

With the way science and technology is going, students will soon be able to listen to music in class without the teacher knowing it. Not every student is going to pass up that chance when it comes. But with the music class, they have a subject to look forward to in school. The music class will also allow students to come into contact with music whether it’s the inspiration or the project. The point is, music would be the class instead of the distraction in the class, which is a big problem in some schools.

Some students have a hard time staying awake in class. Why? Could it be because of sleep deprivation, boredom, or their monotonous schedule or possibly every one of those. With a dance class, students aren’t sitting down throughout the whole class period- they’re moving around and getting the blood pumping through them. Not only does it keep students awake but it’s also healthy for them, too. It’s a great way to start out the day.

Every student has an artistic side or a talent. Some students are excellent drawing artists, while others excel at creating new beats or dance moves. With the new dance or art class, students will be able to show off the talent instead of it being locked up. Of course, they can wait until after school, but to be able to pursue it in a class could stretch beyond normal limitations. Even with limited internet access, some students could use available sites such as google to search for information on instruments to dance classes.

If students were given an optional choice to look up information on dance moves or to go and hang out with friend, which would they most likely pick? The majority of them would probably pick to go and hang out with friends. Not every student would be willing to take a music, art, or dance class because it seems “boring” or a waste of time. Most might think it’s not beneficial but statistics prove that students do better by simply taking a musical or art class. They learn content in the guise of art or music. Music can be the inspiration the drives the student.

What are we waiting for? There’s nothing to lose and there’s the possibility that BSSD can gain higher scores on our SBA tests if art, music, and dance classes are offered.