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Sunday February 18th 2018



Give Kids Something To Do!

By Danielle W., Student, Stebbins

The village of Stebbins hasn’t had a teen center for about 2 to 3 years. Throughout those years, teenagers have been getting more and more mischievous. More teenagers today do drugs than the teenagers of four years ago. Don’t just watch your kids do drugs, open up the teen center and stop them.

The village of Stebbins should open up the teen center because it would keep a lot of kids out of trouble. When you have somewhere fun to go, you don’t really have time to run around and get into trouble. Plus, the kids will be supervised by an adult and wouldn’t be able to do anything inappropriate. Everyone knows that parents don’t want their kids to start up a bad habit, so a positive place like a teen center can help parents ease their minds about their kids getting into trouble.

If the village of Stebbins decides to open the teen center then they should put games in the teen center. Games will prevent kids becoming  bored with just the music or movies. The teenagers could listen to music while the younger kids play Red Rover, Candyland, and Ping Pong. The teenagers could also play games that are at their maturity level–like Monopoly.

The community will hold the teen center activities, not the school. So the community could establish closer ties  to the kids and teenagers than the school does. The kids go to school for about 7 hours a day. Do the kids have a better relationship with the school that they do with their own community? Possibly, but the city could change that by opening the teen center; that way, the youth would be a lot closer to the community than they ever were. Stebbins has to take back its youth and stop being dependent on the school.

On the other hand, the community might ask, “Who will run the teen center?” or, “That’s too expensive to maintain.” The community has always had one person watching or running the teen center. They have never thought that many different people could run the teen center. If someone can’t go to work then they could just ring another worker. Then when the community complains its too expensive to maintain, the teen center employee could sell snacks and drinks, and they could let the kids and teenagers pay for the games they play– sort of like fund-raising. The money raised  could pay the bills or the staff. Or, they could charge a small membership fee.

There are many reasons why the community of Stebbins should open then teen center. So, if you want to make sure your kids are staying out of trouble, then go to the City office and tell them they should open the teen center. Make the community of Stebbins a better place–act before it’s too late.