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Saturday November 25th 2017



RISC Winter Symposium-Delivering on the Promise

Linda and Janice join in on the RISC Student Panel Discussion.

Linda and Janice join in on the RISC Student Panel Discussion.

By Perry Corsetti, Curriculum Department, District Office

A team of students, teachers, and district office staff traveled to Anchorage for the RISC (Re-Inventing Schools Coalition) Winter Symposium, January 29-31, 2009. The theme of this years meeting was “Delivering on the Promise” commemorating the release of the book of the same title by RISC founders Richard Delorenzo, Wendy Battino, Rick Schreiber, and Barbara Gaddy Carrio.

BSSD’s representative team was used extensively throughout the conference. Linda Cooper (Unalakleet) and Janice Homekingkeo (Koyuk) participated in the student panel question and answer session. John Weemes (Teacher), Dottie Pushruk, and Allison Topkok (all from Teller) presented their project, an “Eskimo Food Pyramid” highlighting the four components of the instructional model. Greg Johnson and Perry Corsetti were presenters of the “Understanding the Model” strand throughout the symposium. It is increasingly evident that schools and districts are looking north to BSSD for ideas and information on implementing this standards-based instructional model.

The RISC model is also receiving national attention as our district and others in Alaska have experienced success in educating the whole student for the 21st century. Keynotes were presented by Dr.Robert Marzano, Marzano Research Laboratory, Centennial, Colorado, and Dr. Copper Stoll, Chief Academic Officer in Adams County School District 50, Denver, Colorado. Other groups attending the symposium traveled from Chicago, Maryland, Maine, and California.

The Bering Strait School District has been a coalition member district of RISC since its inception. BSSD first began with implementation of the Quality School Model, now called the Re-Inventing Schools Model. This standards-based system requires students to show mastery of a core group of standards in order to progress to the next level in a specific content area. The four main components of the model are: Shared Vision, Leadership, Standards, and Continual Improvement.

Dottie and Allison present their "Eskimo Food Pyramid" project.

Dottie and Allison present their "Eskimo Food Pyramid" project.