News and Events of the Bering Strait School District
Sunday February 18th 2018



Fundraising in Style

Written By: Andre’ Evan

Teachers pucker up to Rocky, the Slobber Monster, for a student council fundraiser. Here, teacher Lacey Byrd nervously applies lipstick before smooching Rocky.img_00633

In the Penny War that was going on for the past month, Lacey and Vernetta only had a difference of seven cents! It was a very close Penny War. As Lacey applied lipstick, she tried to fool the whole school into thinking she won because she didn’t want to kiss this slobbery dog.img_0064

Well we have to admit, she had us fooled for a while but she admitted defeat and kissed Rocky. Her lipstick application almost fooled Ms. Banning into kissing Rocky. The Poor SFA facilitator, embarrassed kissed Rocky as well. img_00551

The Penny war raised $366.05. Three-quarters of money is going to be saved for the Student Council, who had this genius idea. They are going to use the money earned for a big Student Council meeting in Juneau Alaska called “Close Up”. During the Penny War these are the finishing positions for t he entire K-12 Grades…

13th place is 6th grade w/ -2255 points
12th place is 3rd grade w/ -1,649 points
11th place is 8th grade w/ -1,613 points
10th place is 9th grade w/ -1,049 points
9th place is 5th grade w/ -913 points
8th place is kindergarten w/ -667 points
7th place is 4th grade w/ -584 points
6th place is 12th grade w/ -620 points
5th place is 1st place w/ -358 points
4th place is 10th grade w/ -106 points
3rd place is 11th grade w/ -53 points
2nd place is 7th grade w 825 points
1st place is 2nd grade w/ 832 points

Positive points were earned by having pennies in the class jar. negative points were earned by having silver coins or bills in the class jar.

Well that is all for the Strait Talk in St. Michael. Good evening and good night.