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Saturday March 17th 2018



Baby Teeth

By L.H. (Stebbins)

I remember when I was just a little kid, I had my very first teeth that were loose. I told my mom that my teeth were “loose and going to come off.”

She said, “Just leave it alone, it will come off by itself.”

I asked her, “ Will we grow our teeth back?”

She said, “Yeah! But it will take awhile to grow back.” Once it came out, I waited for awhile for it just to grow back.  I was thinking, maybe it wouldn’t grow at all, so I keep on asking my mom when will my teeth will grow?

She said “Yeah! it will grow, you will have to wait until a few months, then it will grow back.” So I waited for a couple of months, then finally when I looked in the mirror and smiled that’s when I noticed that my teeth grew back! I got really happy and showed my smile  to my mom and she said, “See! It grew back.”

So yeah! That’s when I finally believed that our teeth will grow back, and every time when I have a loose tooth I will tell my mom to pull it out so I can grow back my teeth again!