News and Events of the Bering Strait School District
Sunday February 18th 2018



St. Michael’s School Lands Geography Guy

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Neal Nichols, Jr; The Geography Guy, flew into St. Michael, Alaska on September 10th , 2009, engaging students and teachers alike at Anthony A. Andrews School with his 90 minute, World Map Show. St. Michael students were amazed and interacting with Nichols while he outlined the world continents from memory, including capitals, mountain ranges and bodies of water. Students were awed with his artistic drawing as well as when he later quizzed them in his unique, game show format.

Neal Nichols has been traveling to the majority of schools in the Bering Strait School District these past few weeks. His home base is at Cape Cod, Massachusetts, yet he travels all over the world, utilizing his artistic abilities and life experiences to make a difference in the lives of those he meets along his way. His only hardship is having to always say goodbye to the wonderful kids and friends he meets during his travels; however, the success he realizes by doing what he is passionate about (travel, art, geography, teaching, etc.) keeps him enthusiastically motivated .

Nichols inspired and encouraged students in St. Michael to take advantage of their learning experiences in school while relaying to them the importance of protecting their futures by making good choices now. They have a broader view of the world, both literally and figuratively speaking, thanks to “The Geography Guy.” More information about Nichols and the services he provides can be found on his website: