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Sunday February 18th 2018



When Harry Met Edward

by C. Mike

Everywhere you look, you see one of two books–one of the Twilight books, or the Harry Potter books. Or, you see people going to see the latest Harry Potter movies or marking on the calendar when New Moon comes out. But I don’t know what all the fuss is about. Stephanie Meyer’s novel Twilight is superior to J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter. Twilight is more romantic, it is set in the 21st century, and it is also more realistic.

In Twilight, the romance begins almost immediately. Isabella Swan moves to Forks, Washington. She’s new to the school so she doesn’t know anybody. She meets a lot of new friends the first week of schooling. But Bella also catches Edwards eye. After a couple weeks of schooling in Forks, she and Edward starts to hang out. She then finds out he’s a vampire. Bella doesn’t freak out or anything but notices she’s falling for him. They fall in love and are inseparable.

Twilight is set in the 21st century. Bella’s father is the chief policeman. Both Edward and Bella attend a public high school. Whereas Harry Potter goes to a private school that no one knows exists. Edward has a black Volvo while Harry Potter rides a broom. Harry Potter and his friends wear old-fashioned clothes and use trains as their transportation. Bella does everyday activities such as, getting a good education, cooks for her and her father, hangs out with friends and talks on her cell phone.

Being a more realistic novel is the main reason Twilight is a great book. The seven vampires act as if they’re human. Unlike in Harry Potter, the characters don’t use potions and wands, practice wizardry, or cast spells. Its true. Teens are more into Twilight rather than into Harry Potter because Harry Potter is ridiculously fake- talking letters, pictures and newspapers, three headed dogs, plants that are alive, riding on brooms, moving stairs, and balls that have wings. Twilights setting is in a more civilized place where people use 21st century technology, such as computers, telephones, and cars.

Some readers think Harry Potter is a better book because of J.K Rowling is a better writer. Her books have mysteries that make the readers want more, and more action. One of the publishers quoted Harry Potter as “A wonderful sequel, as suspenseful, charming, and ultimately satisfying as its predecessor,” according to The Los Angeles Times.

However, the plot of Harry Potter is childish, boring, and immature when compared to the high drama of vampires. Twilight has a better plot and is more interesting. USA Today stated, “Move over, Harry Potter.”

Most teens find Twilight to be a better book than Harry Potter. Twilight has more drama, its more romantic and realistic, and interesting. Twilight can outbook Harry Potter in more than just popularity.