News and Events of the Bering Strait School District
Sunday February 18th 2018


My Time at NACTEC

First of all, let me just say, the NACTEC Career Explorations Camp was great. I highly recommend any teenager who doesn’t know what kind of career they want when they’re older to attend this camp. At the camp, I was able to visit many careers, learn life skills, make many new friends, and job-shadow a local career.

There were so many careers we were able to check-out at NACTEC. To name off a few, the group and I interviewed people like a chiropractor, teacher, meteorologist, Alaska Airlines ramp agent, biologist, radio station manager, coffee shop owner, hospital recruiting director, Aurora Inn manager, construction manager, director of a museum, and so much more. It was so much fun and we were able to learn their main duties, likes and dislikes, wages, and what they needed to do to get to where they are today. One thing I realized was that math was a very important subject and almost all had math incorporated into their career. So high school students, go as far as you can in math and you’ll do great.

At the camp, we were very disciplined. I did not really mind this kind of discipline. I thought it was teaching us character and consistency. Everyday we woke up and made our beds. Before that I had never really made my bed before, but now I’m home and after two weeks of making my bed at NACTEC, it rubbed off at home. I make my bed every morning.

We also had daily chores. To keep the new house clean, we swept and mopped daily, cooked our own dinners, and cleaned up after ourselves. Personally, I had fun doing my chores. Doing it with everyone else in the house made things fun. I also felt healthy and clean living at NACTEC because of our household maintenance.

A majority of the people at NACTEC I had never talked to or even seen before. It was awesome meeting all the different personalities of the house and getting situated with them. I made many new friends and had a great time with all of them. We hung out inside and watched TV, played basketball on the basketball court outside, went on the construction simulators and challenged each other towards a better score, and played ping-pong together. It was a great environment and people were happy.

One thing that I did at NACTEC was ask to job-shadow with the KICY general manager, Dennis Weidler. That was definitely the coolest day at NACTEC. I was up bright and early and left the house at 7:00 A.M. When I got there, all of the sudden I was co-hosting on the radio show! I was on the air and swapped back and forth between the AM and FM stations to help co-host the morning show. At first, I was a little nervous, but, being the outgoing person I am, I started to have fun and relax.

When the morning show was done, I was put to work addressing envelopes. Not the funnest thing in the world but, hey, it’s part of the job.

Right at noon, I left for Airport Pizza with the manager to participate in the Rotary Club. Ethan Burkowitz, a candidate for the governor’s position, actually spoke to us that day. That was really neat, and, once that was done, we went and delivered some mail. Then the general manager took me out of town and showed me the towers and how they worked. KICY actually has radio coverage all the way into Russia. It’s pretty awesome.

When that was done, we went back and I addressed envelopes again and did some more recordings for the rest of the day’s airtime. Then I went back to the NACTEC dorms at 3 P.M. Overall, I had a great day and I really thank Dennis Weidler, the general manager, and everyone else for letting me participate on the radio show.

So thank you NACTEC. I had a great time visiting all the careers and thank you for helping me determine what career I’m most interested in: Dermatology. Cool, huh? I also can’t wait to go to Anchorage College Fair. I hope to be able to look at more careers there and have another great time.


Kira Eckenweiler