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Sunday February 18th 2018



Scary Landing!

By Denise Fernandez, Shishmaref 8th Grade


Saturday January 28th, our high school girls basketball team was flying home from Savoonga.  We had  landed and were almost halfway down the runway, when all of a sudden the left landing gear wheel came off and the plane started to skid on the gear strut.


The BSSD plane parked at the end of the runway in Shishmaref, AK.


The nose got off the runway and the plane stopped.  Everyone was in silence and shock and sat in the plane very still.  Doug Hemnes, the district pilot, called flight service to notify them of the incident and Tim Daniels the BSSD airplane mechanic.  Dennis Sinnok opened the door and made sure we were okay.


Ken Stenek our AD in Shishmaref and Dennis helped get us off the plane and unloaded our luggage and we went to the school to warm up (it was -30 out).  When we got to the school we called our parents to let them know what was going on, then Dennis took us home.


Later that day Tim Daniels flew in by charter to supervise moving the plane off the runway.  With the help of school maintenance men, a couple teachers, and airport supervisor Curtis Nayokpuk and his loader, they put a sled under the left gear and pulled the plane to the tarmac.


Tim Daniels came back a few days later with a couple BSSD maintenance men and replaced the landing gear and tested it for a few cycles to make sure it was working properly.  They got a special ferry permit to fly the plane to Anchorage to remove the left engine to be inspected because the props struck the runway.  They will also have to repair the left wing flap because it was damaged when the wheel hit it when it came off.


Since the plane is out of commission, BSSD travel costs have risen considerably because the travel office has to rely on charters with ERA and Bering Air.  Because of this, the Bering Sea Conference tournament was moved from Gambell to Shishmaref (which Shishmaref was next in the tournament rotation).