News and Events of the Bering Strait School District
Sunday February 18th 2018



Northwest Area Health Education Consortium


Making Oobleck (science inquiry) in Elim.

By Pamala Potter


“In -A- Box” Health Resources:


In the future, when you see health care workers in our villages, the Northwest Area Health Education Consortium (AHEC) may have inspired them. AHEC supplied our Head Start classes, through a partnership with NACTEC, with books and clothing about working in our communities. The preschool children giggled while they proudly showed off what they had learned: how to be a fireman, veterinarian, scientist, or surgeon.  All had a terrific time while they were playing, and possibly dreaming about, a career path of helping others!


NACTEC loans out career exploration resources to Pre-K students in St. Michael.


Parent Group Meetings:



Duane Lincoln, Village Based Counselor, speaking on fetal alcohol syndrome in Golovin.


Village Based Counselors have been participating in Parent Group Meetings at our Head Start classes. The counselors spoke about a very important issue: Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Then the children presented a few songs for their parents. After, all joined in to participate in the “Kitchen Cabinet Classroom” demonstration:  making oobleck in your kitchen. This teaches science inquiry in a delightful manner. As families left, parents received fabulous articles about how to help their children to succeed in school… by opening up their home to learning. What marvelous evenings we have shared!