News and Events of the Bering Strait School District
Sunday February 18th 2018


Battlebots in St. Michael


By Tim Burns


In a BattleBots event the competitors are remote-controlled armed and armored machines, designed to fight in a combat arena. If both combat robots are still operational at the end of the match the winner is determined by a point system based on damage, aggression, and strategy. Unalakleet and St. Michael have recruited teams and are in the design and fabrication stages.

We are constructing robots that must weigh fifteen pounds or less and follow standard Battlebot guidelines. Students must calculate the weight of components and design their robot by prioritizing the ability to withstand an attack or inflict damage.

Blueprints, wiring diagrams, practical math applications, and process documentation are key aspects of a successful Battlebots team. Students must perform soldering, drilling, metal forming, and welding applications in order to fabricate a functional robot.

We will keep you updated on BSSD Bots………..