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Sunday February 18th 2018



Martin Luther King Day Poetry in Gambell

By Mr. Eldridge, Gambell, 5th grade teacher

In an effort to better understand the contributions made by African Americans to today’s culture and society, the fifth graders at Gambell elementary school have been studying the biography of Martin Luther King as well as the events that unfolded in 1963 at Birmingham, Alabama where thousands of school aged children were jailed for peacefully protesting against racial segregation.  The goal of the protest was to overfill the city’s jails and shut the justice system down.  One of the ways the students expressed their understanding of the events was by writing a poem that required them to use a particular rhyme scheme.  Please excuse the lapses in political correctness.


Some black and white people fail

Martin Luther King went to jail

Black people frown

White people act like clowns


Black and white people fight

They sometimes get answers right

Some people have round faces

Other people see different races


Black and white people were mad

But black people were sad

Some people got old

They were cold


By Angel Yavaazak



Thousands of children were arrested

Black teenagers were tested

Black folks were going to jail singing

Getting out of jail with the freedom bell ringing


A lot of black children were pouting

More than a lot of black people were shouting

White men were fighting

Black children were tightening


White people were so cruel

They were acting like fools

The pigpens got fully filled

Martin Luther king Jr. got killed!


By Marilena Koozata




MLK Jr. started everything

He tried to find brave adults to bring

Cause he knew there was not enough room


He found out the adults were too chicken

But the children were sticking

So he went to get wrestlers and cheerleaders

Cause they are not boring old pleaders


He told them his plan

Which was about a big ban

The children did as they were told

Because they were brave and bold


They never took a rest

It helped them win the war

which no-one had done before


By Luceen Apangalook



MLK Jr. wanted to go to jail

But other black people thought they were going to fail

White people used hoses for spraying

Black people on the ground were laying


Black people in the jail are singing

White peoples’ ears are ringing

Black people fight for their rights

They would not get out of sight


By Emily Apassingok



Martin got thrown in jail

But noone would give him bail

Children were singing

Their song was ringing


Kids getting sprayed from a hose

Wiping them of their toes

They’re getting thrown in jail

Surely they won’t fail-

The president tells them to stop

But they won’t pop

Some kids are pierced by dog’s teeth

Others get crushed by tanks they lie underneath


By Skyley Ungwiluk




Thousands of children are getting arrested

Because they protested

The white folks should be full of shame

The black people are not to blame


Some black people were dying

The others were crying

The white people were dumb

Dogs bit little black kids’ thumbs


Black children sat and waited

They also got hated

Martin Luther King Jr. was trying for equal rights

Some white people just wanted to fight


By Layla Booshu



Black people are crowded in jails

Whites made them poop and pee in pails

Martin Luther King has it right

White people should not fight


Black people were in pain

Some white people had bad brains

White people had mean dogs

Black people trusted in god


Black people were poor

Maybe they had no doors

White people treated blacks like slaves

Sometimes they put them in graves


By Hallie Silook