News and Events of the Bering Strait School District
Sunday February 18th 2018



Poetry Out Loud


By Theresa Davis


Poetry Out Loud is a competition held in fifty states and U.S. territories each year. The program teaches students about great poets through memorization, recitation, and competition. Many eager students work fervently and diligently to be a part of this illustrious competition, so they can represent their school and state in the national competition. The Bering Strait School District is no exception.

The Bering Strait School District held its 2013 Poetry Out Loud competition in Stebbins where seven students from Wales, Gambell, and Stebbins competed to determine who would represent the district in the Poetry Out Loud regional competition. Each student had to memorize two poems to recite to an audience and five judges. They brought their finest talents, making the evening intense, suspenseful, and invigorating. The competitors had to use their voice to convey meaning and understanding to the spectators. Judging is based on physical presence, dramatic appropriateness, voice and articulation, level of difficulty, evidence of understanding, and overall performance.



This year, Thaddeus Steve from Stebbins won the 2013 district competition, and he will be representing the district in the regional competition. Lovina Steve from Stebbins placed second, and Evelyn Oxereok from Wales placed third.

(Photos were taken by Stacey Mueller.)