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Sunday February 18th 2018



Elim School Newsletter


This semester in our 4th hour class we had five different electives: homework club, aviation, Response to Intervention (RTI), food prep, and guitar class. I chose guitar class because I wanted to learn something new. The teacher for guitar class was John Lindula. I had two classmates, Demi and Amanda, and we started class at the beginning of the school year. In the beginning, I couldn’t get a handle on playing, but as we started practicing more I got better. We played a couple of songs on the guitar for the Christmas program for the Headstart and Kindergarten/1st grade students. They improved on their singing as we practiced together. I really enjoyed guitar class and think it has been a good opportunity for students to try something new.

-Gladys Saccheus


In the beginning of Aviation class we had to read books about the engine and ailerons (which help the plane turn) and

other important background knowledge.  We had to write about what we read and answer questions. We looked at the Federal Aviation Administration’s rules, maps of Alaskan runways, and maps of VOR radio towers, which help planes navigate. We studied a book of runways in Alaska which told the length and width of each runway, as well as its frequency and direction.

After all of the reading we started working with the flight simulators. The simulators we practice on are the best, and they have a yoke with a throttle, mixture control, and rudders. The program we work with is X-Plane 10, which I think is much better than the Microsoft Flight Simulator. On X-Plane 10 we can see the lights on the sides of the runway, also known as visual approach slope indicators (VASI), and the precision approach path indicators (PAPI), another visual guide on a runway. It also shows the weather, and we can set the wind and visibility. Our teacher, Noel Frisbie, has us working on flight plans and right or left hand patterns. At the end of each week, we are tested on flying left hand patterns.

 -Lincoln Saccheus