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Sunday February 18th 2018


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Karlee’s Blueberry picking

Karlee’s Blueberry picking

By Karlee Katchatag 4th Grade, Unalakleet Schools Blueberry picking was actually fun, I didn’t know how fun it would be Lots of buckets were filled with blueberries Usually I don’t pick blueberries Everybody had to pick partners to go pick blueberries Blueberries are very, very beautiful Everyone made blueberry [...]


Get Healthy, Stay Healthy

  By Brandon Mike, Student, Stebbins Wrestling practice started Monday and there’s nothing more pathetic than a boy who is in the prime of his life at age 15 and can’t run two laps around the gym. If you want to stay healthy and live longer, the key is to exercise because it has so many positive effects such as being healthy, having [...]

When Harry Met Edward

by C. Mike Everywhere you look, you see one of two books–one of the Twilight books, or the Harry Potter books. Or, you see people going to see the latest Harry Potter movies or marking on the calendar when New Moon comes out. But I don’t know what all the fuss is about. Stephanie Meyer’s novel Twilight is superior to J.K Rowling’s Harry [...]



By KF, Student, Unalakleet Drawing is a gift, and one that I am flattered to have. I know that I am not the best, but I strive to learn more from looking at other artists and asking for tips. I first was inspired by an Anime TV show, InuYasha, to work on drawing the anime style. Then I made a Deviant Art account and was inspired by [...]

Wrestling Reindeer

By Cody M. (Stebbins) When I went up to the corral with Brendan we saw a reindeer that went across the road and almost ran over Brendan. When we got up there people were already wrestling the reindeer and herding the reindeer into first and second pen. The first pen is where they hold the reindeer till the reindeer in the second pen run out and [...]

Baby Teeth

By L.H. (Stebbins) I remember when I was just a little kid, I had my very first teeth that were loose. I told my mom that my teeth were “loose and going to come off.” She said, “Just leave it alone, it will come off by itself.” I asked her, “ Will we grow our teeth back?” She said, “Yeah! But it will take awhile to grow [...]


Hunting at Qasignguaq

By T. Milligrock/Stebbins “Le-ee-ek! Leek!Leek!” All the students are making weird sounds in the hallways. They are all looking out the windows, looking out for something. All of them are talking about the best season to go hunting. Yes, its spring. Every year during spring, my cousins or my friends and I go out at Qasignguaq to hunt snow [...]


P.E. Class For The High School Students

by Anna Kirk Hey, people,  take a look around. Tired of being overweight and not in shape? Well, let's think. Why? Because there is no P.E. class for the high school students, that is why we have an epidemic of obesity. So,  we need P.E. so students can be healthy and stay with the life skills level they need to be in for their [...]

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