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Tune Your Run

Tuesday, November 6th, 2007

You don’t just take iPod nano on your run. You let it take you. Music is your motivation. But what if you want to go further? Thanks to a unique partnership between NIKE and Apple, your iPod nano becomes your coach. Your personal trainer. Your favorite workout companion. Introducing Nike + iPod.

How to Use the Nike + iPod Sport Kit

Step 1.

Place the sensor in your left Nike+ shoe, in the built-in pocket beneath the insole. You can leave the sensor in your shoe even when you’re not working out.

Step 2.

Attach the receiver to your iPod nano. The receiver fits snugly into the Dock connector, located on the bottom of your iPod nano next to the headphone jack.

Step 3.

Hit the ground running with workout-based voice feedback, Nike Sport Music content, and an iPod nano that stays in tune with every step.

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