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2010 Polaris 600 Rush

Monday, April 27th, 2009


600 Rush Suspension

600 Rush Suspension

The new 2010 600 Rush looks like a nice snowmobile to ride. The Polaris Company made a lot of changes to the comfort of their rides. The looks of this snowmobile speaks for itself. Polaris Industries are making more and more changes to their sleds each year. The 2010 600 Rush may be the sled of the year throughout the Polaris sleds.

The 600 Rush is a whole new sled. It has more changes and designs than other Polaris sleds. The new Polaris Rush is powered by a Liberty 600 Cleanfire Engine. The 600 Liberty Engine is believed to be the strongest, and the most highly praised 600 in the Polaris Industry. 

The 600 rush also has a change to the sled. The Pro Ride Chassis  is a very different design than the other Polaris sleds. The Pro Ride Chassis is a stronger and stiffer chassis. With the stiffer chassis, it flexes less. It also allows the front end to be planted firmly on the corners. With this change, it allows sharper handling and greater handling. 

Another change that the 600 Rush have is the rear suspension. The rear suspension is a totally different change. The suspension is build stronger and stiffer for a smoother more controlled ride and protects the sled from bottoming out. The suspension is made to go through big bumps and not having to worry about them, this makes the sled a more suitable ride.

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Monday, April 27th, 2009

Friday, April 24th, 2009

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