Blackberry Bold [aka 9000]

index_devicesBlackberry Bold is very tiny, but it has plenty features. It just a simple palm-size computer. It can be used for many things, you can check your email, search the web, call friends, text or even instant message people. Its unique built-in camera resolution is 2 mega-pixels large, in addition with live video and playback. Blackberry can be used to play a variety of games, or to watch news or other entertainment. It can also allow you to listen to radio, and in case you get lost, just take a look at the GPS within. To make it less complicating, it has a full size keyboard at the tip of your fingers. It has an expandable memory card that is big as 32 GB. All in this little 4.8 ounce of Blackberry Bold. Amazing huh?

2 Responses to “Blackberry Bold [aka 9000]”

  1. Kendra Says:

    That is a lot of stuff packed into a phone! Soon we won’t need full size computers!

  2. Preston Says:

    technology is getting more advanced with phones pretty fast!

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