The new Ipod Shuffle

The new Ipod shuffle is awesome! It is so awesome, that it can talk to you. This new edition shuffle is almost twice as small as the last shuffle. Since it is so small, it can clip to almost anywhere on your clothes. This shuffle can come in either black or silver. Instead of having the controls on the actual ipod, the controls are on the earphones. So who wouldn’t want to buy it?

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  1. Josephine Pete Says:

    The new ipod shuffle that was just introduced has a voice that talks to you, and give you the song that is playing and it also tells you who is performing it. This device could tell you the names of your playlists. The ipod shuffle is so tiny, but it could hold up to 1000 songs. Your ipod shuffle also lets you make your own playlists and listen to the songs you like best. This 4GB ipod shuffle is smaller, has no controls, it has more space and it talks. The thing to make it talk back to you is called VoiceOver. To do this you have to hold the remote button to let it announce.

  2. Josephine Pete Says:

    I found the information for my previous comment at:
    Webber,Scott. “Doing the Shuffle: The New Talking Ipod Shuffle Debuts.” NBC New York. 16 Mar. 2009. NBC Universal, Inc. 15 May. 2009. .

  3. Lucinda Says:

    This ipod shuffle is an alright ipod. My older brother had this ipod and don’t get me wrong, it was really really small, and it is pretty cool, although I did not like it. I almost didn’t know how to play it and I couldn’t change it to the next song. Ofcourse it being a shuffle, it doesn’t have a screen. I’d want a screen on my ipod.

    This website here brings you pictures and also information of how small it is, but really, it’s big. Although, even more information. Like where to buy it…

  4. Lucinda Ivanoff Says:

    This is the website I forgot to write down on my previous comment. As I said, it brings you pictures and give you some more information about it.

  5. Preston Says:

    its too small, i think the older one is better

  6. Axel Says:

    that is cool. wont have to reach into your pocket just to change the song. but then you would have to keep your earphones out all the time.

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