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Snow Leopard

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

Snow Leopard is the new, innovated, computer system from Apple. With sleek new features, this is theĀ  Mac like never before!

Macintosh came out with Leopard last year. It was a huge hit, and they began to work on the next generation. Snow Leopard is an advanced version of Leopard. They did not change Leopard, just made it better.

1. Faster start up and shut down.

2. Quicker back up.

3. Draw Chinese figures on the mouse pad and communicate easier with the Orient.

4. Higher resulution iChat.

5. Automatic time zone changes

6. Updated Safari

So, in the end, Snow Leopard is not a compleatly new program. It is still the OS X that we all know and love, but better, faster, sleeker updates.

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