2010 Polaris 600 Rush

The name of the item I am doing is the new 2010 Polaris 600 Rush. The 2010 Polaris 600 Rush can ride better, smoother, faster and longer than any other snowmobiles. There is a tuner that sees how heavy someone is and the person can adjust it. The weight of the Polaris Rush is 459 pounds. The Polaris Rush can hold 11 U.S. gallons of gas. The length of the track is 120 inches and the width is 15 inches. It can seat 1 person. It is a 2-stroke engine. The price of the 2010 Polaris 600 Rush is $10,299.2010_Polaris_600_Rush-1

2 Responses to “2010 Polaris 600 Rush”

  1. Axel Says:

    i believe that this snowsnowmachine would be a good choice for any type of person. i like polaris and they have good designs.

  2. Axel Says:

    the 2010 Polaris 600 Rush looks cool, i wouldnt mind it, looks good for racing or just riding around.

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