Touchscreen Internet Tablet SmartQ-7.

Tech. 5.14

This new technology thingy is called…Touchscreen Internet Tablet SmartQ-7. This is a stylish Internet tablet that is far much good looking and features some really nice specs as compared to its earlier models. It has a 7″ WVGA touchscreen that makes it really cool.

This is why I like this item:

It is touchscreen! And it has Internet! It also is really cool!! I would really love to have one of these.

-1.            7-inch WVGA touchscreen
-1.            4500mAh li-polymer battery
-1.            48 hours of music playback
-1.            Built-in stand

-1.            Stereo speakers

-1.            USB 2.0 host port

-1.            WiFi connectivity

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