The Apple iPad

Apple created the iPad technology. The iPad was created this year (2010). The iPad is almost like a iPod touch/computer. It has really cool applications such as; itunes and safari, it could play videos, it has iBook and maps, the battery lasts 10 hours, it has a built in speaker, a wireless keyboard could connect, could work with the iPad and it has many more cool things about it. The iPad is an apple technology. The iPad plays music, has a Wi-Fi internet connection, you could put notes into it, and works almost like an iTouch. It could do many things. The iPad could store pictures on it and more things. The apple iPad does not have any disadvantages, well it cost a lot of money, that’s the only disadvantage. I learned that this iPad is really cool and could be useful to people in the future. There are two different iPads; one with Wi-Fi only and the other with Wi-Fi and 3G. There are six different costs because the different iPads and the gigabytes. There is 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB. The iPad isn’t out right now, but it’ll be out soon! Picture 1

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