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Sunday February 18th 2018



1/22 Basketball scores and standings

Coming up this week: the Unalakleet Invitational Tournament, and the Nome Village Shootout.


Into The Wild: A Review

By: Jordan Otten

Into the Wild is a must see movie that was released in 2007 and directed by Sean Penn, who did a magnificent job adapting the story onto the screen.

Into the Wild is the true story about a young man named Chris McCandless (played by Emile Hirsch). Chris was a college graduate who had an urge to travel alone in the wild without money, or help, in order to start a new way of life for himself. On many of his journeys he bumped into people who fell for him. He became obsessed with the thought of traveling to Alaska. He made it to Alaska where he stayed in this bus where it became increasingly hard for Chris.

Chris had so much heart traveling alone all the time –- his enjoyment was contagious. For instance, once he was sleeping alone his car and then bam! — a flash flood came out of nowhere. The flash flood occurred at Temple Bar, Arizona, where he had parked his car. As we go into the story more, Chris was hunting for food and he comes across a caribou and its calf. He was going to shoot the caribou, but as soon he saw the calf he put down his rifle and walk away and we know that Chris has a heart.

Penn structured the movie differently by doing it his own way — making the movie a little shorter than the story.  For instance, Penn took out the whole section about Jon Krakauer when he was comparing himself to Chris– how they traveled alone with no help of any kind. Even the other things that Chris did when he was growing up like when Chris was the captain of the cross-country team and led the team through any kind of terrain. The very last thing Penn glossed over was the anger Chris had toward his dad because Chris finally realized that his dad was a player and he never forgave him after that.

Sean Penn really showed good judgment setting the filming where it connects to the story. When Chris was going to go back to the town and he saw the river became too harsh to cross, the camera angles are in the river – we experience how would it look as if we were in the river. Plus Penn did a really great job with casting the actors – they  matched the people in real life: how they reacted towards Chris. Ronald Franz (played by Hal Holbrook) did the acting in a very precise way — when he dropped Chris off at the departure point where he was going to Alaska Holbrook looked like he really wanted to cry but he held it in. As soon “Alexander Super Tramp” made it to Alaska, Sean Penn did the greatest shots in the movie because he includes the background with mountains where Chris now WALKED INTO THE WILD.

This movie is touching because the story adapts on to the screen well. Penn the director knows how to make this movie one of his greatest, because of the actors, setting, and the cinematography style. You will like this movie because it has so many details from the story: where Chris went, what he did, and whom he met on his journey.


1/15/11 Basketball Scores

The Shishmaref girls basketball team has now folded, and now Shishmaref is a co-ed basketball team.  Thanks to everyone for sending in scores!

BB Scores ending 1-15

Junior Park Rangers in Shaktoolik

By Lynda Bekoalok

The Bering Land Bridge National Preserve is so close to our neck of the woods, yet few people know anything about it. The Upper Elementary Class in Shaktoolik not only learned about the Bering Land Bridge, but became Junior Park Rangers in the process.

The National Park Foundation has created a program that helps connect children to American’s heritage. The National Park Service has over 180 different Junior Ranger programs for students. The programs include a Junior Ranger booklet and a map that guides the students through a particular national park by using science, history, art, and culture. When the students have completed the booklet they receive a NPS patch.

The Shaktoolik students enjoyed the booklet in which they learned the history of the Bering Land Bridge National Preserve. They also learned about the wildlife and climate changes. One of their favorite projects was making plant rubbings of leaves from trees on the Shaktoolik River.

To accompany the booklet the students also became WebRangers. To become a Webranger the students went to and followed the link on the Kids section. The students designed their Webranger office and then did a series of Web activities about the Bering Land Bridge. The activities ranged from local culture to global warming.

To culminate the Junior Ranger project the students learned a few survival skills. One of which was to make a homemade sleeping bag. The students took large trash bags and stuffed dried grass in the bag. They learned that grass and leaves are good insulators and can keep them warm if they are ever stranded without a blanket.

The students really enjoyed the entire program. We hope that Nicole Andler, who happens to be a Park Ranger in Nome and one of the authors of the Bering Land Bridge National Preserve Junior Ranger booklet, will be able to come to Shaktoolik to swear the students in as Park Rangers and award their badge some time this year. If your students would like to become Junior Rangers we encourage you to contact Nicole Andler at


Skills Camp

During the week of September 27 through October 1, 19 students from all over the Bering Strait School District traveled to Unalakleet for an intense skills camp session, to prepare them for the math, writing, and reading portions of the HSGQE Standards Test for October 5-7.  They were instructed by Jim Nelson, Tammy Dodd, MosaddequeReza and Theresa Davis.


Going Blueberry Picking

By Gabe Egli

5th grade, Unalakleet Schools

On August 24, 2010 Pod 2 set off for a blueberry picking adventure. Volunteers drove us up to Army Hill for berry picking. When we got to Army Hill, everyone jumped out and started to pick berries. The berries seemed to never run out! There must have been millions! We had a couple of bear guards with us because bears had been spotted on Army Hill. After we were done picking, the volunteers drove us back to town. We got back just in time for lunch! I think everybody had fun. I love berry picking.

Summer Sagoonick (Left )and Karlee Katchatag (Right) pick blueberries at Army Hill.

After we picked the berries, we made pies, cakes, and buckles out of them. We had to follow the recipe very carefully. If too much or not enough ingredients were put in, the dessert might be a mess-up. That is why we had to follow the recipe very carefully. After we were done, we baked the pies, cakes, and buckles. I think making things is fun.

The next day, we went to the community building to give our desserts to the Elder’s Lunch Program.  We gave our desserts to the elders to thank them for all that they do for the community. I am glad that the elders liked our desserts.

Blueberry Adventure!

By Hannah Howard

4th Grade Teacher, Unalakleet Schools

POD 2 (4th, 5th, and 6th grades) in Unalakleet starts off the school year with an Annual Blueberry Project.  Students and staff were transported in vehicles up to Army Hill to pick buckets and buckets of blueberries.  While picking, our bear guard closely scanned the area for unwanted animal visitors and the adults made sure the students were always with their picking buddy.  After about two hours, we headed on back to school and stored the berries in the refrigerator until the next day’s activities.

(left to right) - Arctic Ivanoff, Bobbi Storms, Thomas Eakon, and Phillip Charles are baking blueberry muffins for the Elders Lunch Program.

Split into four groups, the baking began. While the adults facilitated, the students followed the recipes given to them.  Although the recipes were followed in the classroom, the baking was done by the facilitators at their own homes (this makes it so much easier and less intrusive to the school kitchen staff).  This year, four desserts were made using the blueberries:  buckle, muffins, cake, and cheesecake.   What fun!

Two of the desserts were brought over to the Elder’s Lunch program and the others were delicious!  Yes, we sampled.

This project could not have been done without volunteers, so thanks to the Community of Unalakleet.


Karlee’s Blueberry picking

By Karlee Katchatag

4th Grade, Unalakleet Schools

Blueberry picking was actually fun, I didn’t know how fun it

would be

Lots of buckets were filled with blueberries

Usually I don’t pick blueberries

Everybody had to pick partners to go pick blueberries

Blueberries are very, very beautiful

Everyone made blueberry treats

Rode in a truck to go back to the school

Read the directions on the recipe

It was fun blueberry picking

Everyone had fun making blueberry treats

Sad that we had to go back to school

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